photos by Amanda Hrycyna | Weekender

Model of the Week: Tiana Lucie

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    Tiana Lucie

    Age: 30

    Location: Pittston

    Favorite Weekender feature: Movie Reviews

    Biggest accomplishment: I believe I have accomplished a lot, like managing my own business and getting recognition at a few film festivals, but I believe my biggest accomplishment is still ahead of me.

    Are you a dog or cat person: I used to be more of a dog person but currently both. I have a big heart for animals, which is why I’ve rescued so many in my lifetime thus far.

    What are you passionate about: The art of creating and storytelling.Visual arts, film/video production.I enjoy the process of of taking a concept and bringing it to life. I love the challenge of making something out of nothing. I am also very passionate about helping others and animals. I believe it is my duty to show kindness to whomever God places in my path.

    My last meal would be: Seafood chimichanga or shrimp bisque

    Who do you admire: My grandmother and my Nana. Two strong women who have great work ethic while always keeping family first.

    What would your theme song be: Beyonce “Run the world”

    What do you like to do for fun: For the most part I am a homebody. I like to chill whenever I can and do some writing or catch up on reading. I also like to spend quality time with the man I love, simply being by his side grants me happiness.

    photos by Amanda Hrycyna | Weekender