photos by Amanda Hrycyna | Weekender

Model of the week: Julia Warnagiris

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    Name: Julia Warnagiris

    Age: 23

    Location: Hunlock Creek

    Favorite Weekender feature: Concert Listings because, music is life.

    Favorite concert: I’ve been to so many concerts, some of the best were Rob Zombie, Twenty One Pilots, Muse, Korn and Lady GaGa. I’ve also seen Taking Back Sunday five times and The Used three times.

    Who do you admire: Jesus, Lacey Sturm, my mom, dad, sister, Grandma, Kurt Cobain and Duffy to from fuzz 92.1

    What’s your biggest accomplishment so far: I was a DJ and the music Director of the 2016 IBS Award winning radio station, WSFX. I also wrote one of the scripts for the award winning Best Promo Series. I’ve grown passionate about radio and interned at Fuzz 92.1. I also got my college degree last year.

    What would your last meal be? Mahi Mahi and crab with a soy iced chai latte

    What do you do for fun: Go to concerts, take road trips or watch horror and Tim Burton movies.

    What’s something most people don’t know about you?: I was amazing at basketball, I don’t eat meat and I’m actually a pretty good singer. I was in a band with my sister and cousins when I was 12 called the Rock Angels (Bratz totally stole that!) I write songs and I’d like to be in a band again someday. I’m also obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    What are you passionate about?: Music, psychology, animal rights, equality, mental health awareness, suicide prevention and the organizations Bring Change 2 Mind and To Write Love On Her Arms.

    What would your theme song be: “Punk Rock Princess” by Something Corporate

    What is your dream job? TV/ radio Psychologist in NYC

    photos by Amanda Hrycyna | Weekender