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Model of the Week: Lesley Rocha

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Lesley Rocha
Sean McKeag | Weekender


    Name: Lesley Rocha

    Age: 18

    Hometown: Dunmore

    Favorite Weekender Feature: Model of The Week

    What’s something most people don’t know about you?: When people first view me they think I’m shy and quiet. I may be shy at first because I’ve traveled my whole life meeting new people and it’s kind off hard at first not knowing if people will accept me or not but I’ve learned to be myself and just be confident with who I am. Now, what they don’t know is that once you get to know me I’m really talkative, very outspoken, and opened minded. Your mind would be blown by my personality, that’s just who I am.

    What are you passionate about?: What I’m most passionate about is having good self-esteem. That’s why I want to pursue a career in cosmetology, and in modeling. I know you may be wondering how cosmetology or modeling tie in with self-esteem. Well cosmetology helps you view yourself as a canvas where you could leave that beauty alone or add something artistic to it and make it look more beautiful. That’s why I want to make people feel gorgeous, because everyone is beautiful in their own way. Another dream of mine would be to become a model, because I’ve learned to have good-self-esteem. I want to show everybody that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Are you a dog person or a cat person?: I would say a dog person because I used to have one named Rocky. I don’t dislike cats, they are very cute, it’s just that I’ve always been more attached to puppies.

    My favorite meal is: Chiles rellenos and rice. This dish is an authentic Mexican dish that my mom has always made for as long as I can remember. This dish is basically a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and Mexican rice on the side. It is very delicious that is why it is my favorite dish.

    My theme song would be: “Towards the Sun” by Rihanna.

    My best concert was: I can honestly say I’ve only been to one concert and until this day i can still remember it. Listening to Rockie Lynne sing “Red, White, and Blue” On the Fourth of July in Virginia.

    For a good time I: I cherish most of my free time with my beautiful family and boyfriend going out to Chuck E. Cheese for my baby brothers or to race karts for my sisters and me. Sometimes we just enjoy a nice dinner with my parents or sometimes I go over my boyfriend’s house with his family and have a lovely dinner with them.

    What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishments would be graduating from Dunmore High School in 2016, and also graduating from Barbizon school of modeling, acting and personal development. I have accomplished so much with these two wonderful schools.

    Who do you admire? I admire both of my parents because of the struggle they have gone through to give my siblings and me the best education we can have, a place to call home, and food. Now, my mom got to finish high school, she started beauty school but didn’t get to finish it because she had my older sister. On the other hand my dad started high school but never got to finish it, he had to leave to help my grandparents bring money home to have food for him and his siblings. They left their dreams behind and put everyone first. I just hope one day I can return everything they’ve ever done for me.

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