By Rachel Holly - For Weekender

Remembering a friend through art

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Rhi Wallace’s memorial tattoo of Justin Roach’s dog Eddie.
Submitted photo

Justin Roach, 36

Freelance Illustrator from Scranton, PA

When it came to memorializing man’s best friend, Justin Roach had no doubt in his mind that Rhi Wallace was the woman for the job.

​“Rhi has done the majority of the tattoos that I have and I especially trust her eye for illustration and her colors…especially her colors,” Roach said.

​Rhi has six pieces (and growing) on Roach, but his favorite so far is a memorial piece for his late dog, Eddie.

​“I approached Rhi about a little memorial piece in remembrance of my dog, Eddie, that passed away a little more than a year ago. Eddie was nuts, and had such a wild and colorful personality so I knew Rhi’s style would beperfect to capture his spirit,” said Roach.

“I sent Rhi a few photos and she more than surpassed my expectations, as always. She even put little hearts in the highlights on the fur on his nose.”

Roach, as an artist himself, has trusted Rhi’s work and artistry for quite a while now.

“I’m in Scranton now, but I’m originally from Pittsburgh,” he added. “I actually traveled to get some work done by her while I was still living in Pittsburgh. That’s how highly I recommend her work.”

​Roach works as the social media and graphic design specialist for Wayne Bank in Honesdale these days, but he is also a freelance illustrator and designer.

​“In my personal time, I have been commissioned to do design work for Snoop Dogg, Biz Markie, TruTV/Hardcore Pawn’s Les Gold, New York Mets second baseman Neil Walker, Freeway, DJ Jazzy Jeff and many more,” said Roach.

​“So from one artist to another, I absolutely support Rhi as far as tattoo artists go. She’s incredible.”

By Rachel Holly

For Weekender

Rhi Wallace’s memorial tattoo of Justin Roach’s dog Eddie. Wallace’s memorial tattoo of Justin Roach’s dog Eddie. Submitted photo