By Michael Golubiewski | For Weekender

Motorhead: 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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    Now that the weather is warming up NEPA gear heads are preparing rides for the spring and summer. Want to show off your wheels? Email us a picture of your car and your contact information ([email protected]) and you could be featured in Motorhead’s Ride of the Week.

    Here’s the season’s third ride:

    “I always liked the body lines of these cars. It was sitting for 20 years under a carport. After a deal was made, Banashefski Auto handled the paint and body work. A new vinyl top was installed by Summitt Station. I intend to drive the car as much as I can, weather permitting,” said Tony Glazenski.


    By Michael Golubiewski | For Weekender

    To submit your vehicle,

    email [email protected]