By Michael Golubiewski | For Weekender

Motorhead: 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster

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    Now that the weather is warming up NEPA gear heads are preparing rides for the spring and summer. Want to show off your wheels? Email us a picture of your car and your contact information ([email protected]) and you could be featured in Motorhead’s Ride of the Week.

    Here’s the season’s second ride:

    “The Stylemasters were introduced right after World War II in 1946, after production shifted back from military equipment to civilian goods like cars,” said George Kelley, of Scranton. “This one is from 1948, a couple of years into production it has a 216.5 cubic inch engine and a three speed manual transmission. It is a big car. There aren’t too many ’40s cars around anymore it’s a good conversation piece.”


    By Michael Golubiewski | For Weekender

    Submitted photo photo

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