photos by Sean McKeag | for Weekender

Man of the Week: Eric Jansen

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Eric Jansen


    Name: Eric Jansen

    Age: 25

    Hometown: Greencastle, PA

    Favorite Weekender Feature: Test Kitchen. I’m always hungry so I’m constantly eating… It’s starting to show…

    What’s something most people don’t know about you?: I want a pug so I can dress it up in funny cute costumes.

    What are you passionate about?: Learning. There’s always something to learn, even if you’re an expert in your field. There is always something you don’t know.

    Are you a dog person or a cat person?: Definitely a dog person. I don’t dislike cats, but they aren’t nearly as entertaining as dogs.

    My favorite meal is: Authentic Asian food. Unfortunately it’s impossible to get that around here so I’m forced to make a trip out of here if I want the real thing.

    My theme song would be: “I’ve Got Friends” by Manchester Orchestra.

    My best concert was: I don’t really do concerts. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just don’t go to them.

    For a good time I: Go for a hike. Or play Xbox. Or go out with friends.

    What’s your biggest accomplishment? Graduating from college and landing a good job. Learning how to Adult properly so I can keep traveling around the sun with everyone else.

    Who do you admire?: Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He’s done a lot to teach people about the world around them and I respect that.

    Why did you decide to be man/model of the week? My friend was featured as the model of the week and I went with her to the photo shoot. It seemed like a fun, different thing to do.

    photos by Sean McKeag | for Weekender

    Eric Jansen Jansen