Weekender Live, 11.11.15-11.17.15

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    6 String Saloon: Karaoke w/ DJ TruBlu vs. DJ XM Mikey

    Bar on Oak: Line Dancing

    Bar Louie: DJ Glitch

    Ruth Chris: Phil Hinton-Top 40


    Bar Louie: SIN Night

    Breakers: Karaoke Party

    Elixir: RJ Scouton

    River Street Jazz Café: Luke the Knife vs Beard-o-Bees

    Wise Cracker’s Comedy Club: Local Pros Night

    Ruth Chris: Music for Models


    Bart and Urby’s: The Shouldas with Better Days

    6 String Saloon: Nick Coyle

    Bar Louie: Electracoustica

    Breakers: Big Bang Baby

    Elixir: Tompkins Street Duo

    Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Outta the Blue

    Grotto Wilkes-Barre: Hat Tryk Duo

    River Street Jazz Café: A Night Of Pure Guitar Ft/ Dave Weiner from The Steve Vai Band & Favored Nations Recording Artist Rob Balducci

    Wise Cracker’s Comedy Club: John Knight, Marshall Brandon and Scott Bruce

    P & J’s: Facing the Giants

    Ruth Chris: Ruth Chris Jazz Trio

    Sherman Theater: Who’s Bad-Michael Jackson Tribute


    Bart & Urby’s: Chelsea Smarr, Shana Falana and Stargazer Lilies

    6 String Saloon: Hanging with Fog

    Bar Louie: That 90s Band

    Breakers: Flaxy Morgan

    Elixir: Aaron Fink “Gentleman’s East” Duo

    P & J’s: Empire in Decline

    Parkway Inn: 20lb Head

    River Street Jazz Café: Sucker Punch (with billy from Harpo)

    Sherman Theater: Thrillexx: Experience the Glow

    Wise Cracker’s Comedy Club: John Knight, Marshall Brandon and Scott Bruce

    Ruth Chris: Ruth Chris Jazz Trio

    Budd’s: Road Trip


    River Street Jazz Café: Benefit for Nick Sorbelli


    Holland Sound Studios: Check us out on ustream.tv

    P & J’s: Open Mic Night w/ Jay Orrell


    Bar on Oak: Karaoke with Tony Piazza

    Tommyboy’s: Open Mic Night