Weekender Live, 08.05.15-08.11.15

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Bar on Oak: Line Dancing

Metro: Team Trivia


Bar Louie: Dustin Drevich Duo Bar On Oak: The Tones

Breakers: Mood Swing – After Party in Breakers

Metro: Karaoke Contest

Sherman Theater: So Last Year – Living Room Series


Bar Louie: Black Tie Stereo

Breakers: That 90s Band

Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Phyllis Hopkins Electric Trio

Grotto Wilkes-Barre: Omnitial 6-9

Lower End: Deep Chemistry

River Street Jazz Café: Comedy Showcase ft. Shaq Branham, Joenelle Orhem, Kevin Lepka, Nate Demming, Dan Hoppel, John Walton, Elliott Elliott, and Zack Hammond

Sherman Theater: South of the Peak – Living Room Series

Tommyboy’s: Dirty Hand

WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Johnny Rizzo, David Kaye and Scott Bruce


Bar Louie: LondonForce

Breakers: Drop Dead Sexy

Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Country Music Night with Whiskey ‘N Woods

Lower End: TBA on Facebook

River Street Jazz Café: The Black Kocks of Echo Creek

Sherman Theater: Firestarter & Survay Says! End of Summer Tour | Arvia & Nobody Move – Living Room Series

WiseCrackers Comedy Club: Johnny Rizzo, David Kaye and Scott Bruce


Grotto Harvey’s Lake: Outta The Blue

Lower End: DJ Tracee Decee


Holland Sound Studios: Blue Coal on ustream.tv


Bar on Oak: Karaoke with Tony Piazza

Tommyboy’s: Open Mic Night