What are you up to this weekend? Here’s what we’re doing.

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Jeric Foulds

Sarah Haase

Héctor González

Samantha Stanich

Justin Adam Brown

Matt Dunn

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Here’s what Weekender staff is up to this weekend:

Sarah: “Some hiking in the Poconos.”

Jeric: “Enjoying the outdoors!”

Sam: “I am going to a wedding in Arizona. Hopefully I will get a much needed tan.”

Justin: “I’m participating in the annual Fred Ciotti Memorial 5K Run/Walk in Carbondale this Saturday.’”

Matt: “Breaking out the grill.”

Héctor: “Geeking out with my father and attending a lecture by theoretical physicist Brian Greene at Wilkes on Sunday night regarding his work in Super String theory among other really, really nerdy space-related subjects.”

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