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Hairology: Autumn hair styles can boost confidence

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Carolyn Salvaggio
Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender


    Aries: If you are looking for love and stability, hook up with a Sagittarius this month. Get that hair some copper color, red highlights with brunette roots.

    Taurus: Make a date with a Capricorn, whether it’s love, just for fun, or a salon appointment with a Capricorn stylist. All will go well with whomever you choose.

    Gemini: From Nov. 11 to Dec. 19, it’s “Aquarius! Aquarius! When the moon is in the seventh house …” (partnerships). Hairstyle needs to be versatile so you can change it weekly.

    Cancer: Look for a Scorpio or Pisces. It will be worth talking about. Have your hair stylist darken your tresses with some low lights.

    Leo: Call a Sagittarius now, but later this month switch to Mr. Libra. He’ll balance your scales. Hair — blonde, always blonde, long and full.

    Virgo: Mr. Capricorn has saved his passion just for you. Whether he does hair, massage therapy, or buys you a drink at your favorite nightspot, he’s bound to be right on target.

    Libra: You are in the party mode, and you are buying drinks for all your pals. Put your head on, and balance your checkbook. Give your do a slightly stacked bob.

    Scorpio: It’s your birthday month, and everyone is attentive. Take advantage of it. Now is the time to arrange a date with The One (another Scorpio). Your new hairstyle makes you irresistible.

    Sagittarius: This month you are not to be taken lightly. If you commit, it probably will be serious. Say no to secret relationships. Hair—you need color.

    Capricorn: Hand over your boxing gloves and toss your passion to Aquarius. Get your hair texturized, but keep the length.

    Aquarius: You’re aggressive. Hunt out a Libra. You’ll laugh a lot. Use caution when getting your hair cut. Maybe you should show a picture first.

    Pisces: Make a date with Scorpio. Passion will fly high, and since you love to be illusive, get an undercut, and have it bleached blonde.

    Carolyn Salvaggio Salvaggio Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender Hrycyna| Weekender

    By Carolyn Salvaggio

    For Weekender

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at