By Carolyn Salvaggio - For Weekender

Hairology: Get your hair and spirit ready for the summer

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Carolyn Salvaggio
Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender

I know that it’s beach time. The last thing you need to concentrate on is your hair, but it follows us wherever we go, and you can’t keep that beach hat on all summer. You’ll thin out your hair.

Aires: So you’re thinking of big and voluminous, but you have the urge to hack it off. Your choice darling.

Taurus: The last time you went to a salon, your stylist created the opposite of what you thought you wanted. Blame the stars. Instead of expecting this artist to read your mind, show her a picture.

Gemini: Illusion, fantasy, and stress. Have your hair rinsed with ice cold water, and then explain exactly what you want.

Cancer: This is your month. After a full day at the spa, finish with a hairdo that will make you look irresistible at the candlelight dinner you reserved for two.

Leo: Prepare for your August vacation with highlights and lowlights, but wait until you return for a trim.

Virgo: You should be in the money, baby, so make an appointment for color, haircut plus a mani and pedi.

Libra: Soon it will be your turn. Don’t forget you need to look successful. Appearance is everything!

Scorpio: You have so much energy, you can’t be held down. Just watch your Ps and Qs when speaking to your stylist. Remember your head will be in his or her hands.

Sagittarius: You feel exhausted, fat, and slightly depressed. Focus on your hair and makeup sweetheart, and pretend life is a cosmo!

Capricorn: You’ve been in vacation mode all summer, but that top bun can only travel so far before it crashes against your shoulders. A little trim, color, and a lot of conditioner will brighten you for your next vacation.

Aquarius: After you’ve digested Scorpio’s bitchiness at the office, march to your salon and reward yourself with the works. P.S. Turn off your phone.

Pisces: Still dreaming? Remember Neptune, your ruling planet, governs the feet. Its metal is platinum, its colors turquoise and lavender. After getting platinum highlights, have your toes painted turquoise and your fingernails lavender.

Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at

By Carolyn Salvaggio

For Weekender

Carolyn Salvaggio Salvaggio Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender Hrycyna| Weekender

Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at