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Weekend Tattoo Fest to descend on Wilkes-Barre

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If social media and local hype are any indication of how successful this year’s annual Tattoo Festival will be, then NEPA better get ready.In its second year, the festival is expected to draw in people from as far away as Ecuador (yes, the country). Buzz about the event is everywhere and Steve Gulbin, one of the event organizers, said the festival is an event for everyone, not just those with tattoos.


Weekender Live, 8.20.14-8.26.14

Wednesday:Bottlenecks, Wilkes-Barre: Abstract Peoples, DJ HershThursday:Bar Louie, Mohegan Sun: Dustin Switzer DuoBreakers, Mohegan Sun: Gone CrazyChacko’s: KartuneMohegan Sun: Party on the Patio feat. Beatlemania Now(A Tribute to The Beatles)Tommyboy’s: The Train Wrecks DuoFriday:Bar Louie, Mohegan Sun: Jigsaw JohnnyBottl...

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Jack davenport and Gary Park with KISS at Montage Mountain Toyota Pavilion, summer 2013

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Pet of the Week

Name: HaleyColoring: TortoiseshellOwner’s name: Seth HenryLiving in: Kingston, PAName: BellaBreed: Boston Terrier PitOwner’s name: Talia DeFalcoLiving in: Hanover Twp, PA

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I have to admit I was a little skeptical, and even a bit negative, when the Ice Bucket Challenge first emerged. Originally I said things like “what a waste of water” and “stop shaming your friends into donating to some charity they have never even heard of!” So yeah, I was kind of ignorant to the facts and even a little mean.The challenge has gone viral and if you haven’t heard about it yet you must live under a rock. I’m sure some of you are gro...

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GIRL TALK: The dirty 30

This week brings me to a life milestone. As of Sunday, I can officially say goodbye to my 20’s as I open a new chapter in my life as a 30 year old woman. Maybe I have been reading too many Buzzfeed lists lately, but I have decided this week to compile a list of my own. So here they are, the top 10 things my 20’s have taught me.1. Your heart is only as resilient as you allow it to be. It will be broken, betrayed, full of love and empty from loss but if you sincerely beli...

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Top 8 at 8 with Ralphie Aversa8. Calvin Harris-Summer7. Sia-Chandelier6. Iggy Azalea/Charli XCX-Fancy5. Charli XCX-Boom Clap4. OneRepublic-Love Runs Out3. Maroon 5-Maps2. Sam Smith-Stay With Me1. Magic!-RudeTop 10 Albums at Gallery of Sound1. Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt2. Godsmack - 1000 HP3. Tom Petty - Hypnotic Eye4. ...

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Grande ‘Problem’ leads to grande success

The momentum that led to Ariana Grande’s success began in 2013. Grande began the transition from Nickelodeon star to pop princess with the Mac Miller-assisted track “The Way.” The 21 year-old then took to the national airwaves in a slew of TV performances; perhaps most notably her outing at the “American Music Awards.”Grande had the talent, the look, and the fan base. All she needed was the hit song.

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#IceBucketChallenge splashes NEPA

If you're one of those people annoyed by seeing endless Facebook statuses reminding you that you're not engaged or a parent yet, your prayers may have been answered when the social media phenomena known as the #icebucketchallenge surfaced a few weeks ago. It seems impossible to check your News Feed, or even eavesdrop a conversation in a WalMart parking lot, without being reminded that you might be one nominatio...

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Massacre in NEPA

A lady in the world of tattooing is a little more common as the years go on – yet, still, there is no one out there quite like Megan Massacre.Cover up her inked skin and she still stands out in a crowd – her vibrant personality matches her coif of bright orange that fades to yellow, the list of things she does can make your head spin and, quite frankly, the girl has balls – something that was evident from a very young age.

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Nanticoke hopes to make food event the next big thing

Nanticoke’s first Wingfest is taking flight this weekend and the city event is hoping to grow into the next Tomato Festival or Kielbasa Festival.And growing is exactly what is on the mind of the core of five volunteers who are working to plant a community garden in the city. A community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people, utilizing either individual or shared plots on private or public land. The land may produce fruit, vegetables, and/or ornamentals....

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‘Peach’ still sweet as ever

If Sunday’s festival-closing performance by the Allman Brothers Band at the third annual Peach Music Festival was truly the last time we will see the band in Northeast Pennsylvania, then it definitely went out on a high note.

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Grove Theatre brings ‘The Glass Menagerie’ to the stage

When you meet the Wingfield family, whom will you pity the most?Amanda, the faded Southern belle, remembers a time when life seemed more gracious, the world less rough, and gentleman callers were always paying court.“When she says she had 17 in one day, I think that’s an embellishment,” said Lynne Zanolini, who plays Amanda in Tennessee Williams’ “The Glass Menagerie,” which opens Friday, Aug. 22 at the Theatre at the Grove in Nuangola...

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Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob

This fall makeup lovers will be thrilled to find out that just because the fun in the sun in gone doesn’t mean all the color should be removed from the world. In fact they took all the color and added metallic high shimmer finishes to everything.Makeup powerhouses like Makeup Forever and Urban Decay and Stila have taken everything from a neutral champagne shadow to a neon orange and added a metallic finish vibrant enough to make anyone’s eyes pop.The perk of ...

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It’s never too late to ‘Do It Again’

Scranton native Ned Washington wrote a handful of songs which have since become standards, including “Stella By Starlight,” “Wild Is the Wind,” “I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You,” “Green Dolphin Street” and “The Nearness of You.”He also netted Oscars for a pair of movie tunes: “When You Wish Upon A Star” from “Pinocchio” and “Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin’” from &...

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Clean up your mess

It’s something you’ve been told your entire life. Put away your toys. Color inside the lines. Straighten your room. Keep your handwriting neat, make your bed, wipe the countertops, take out the trash.Neatness: maintenance, paycheck-getter, or personality trait? Depends on who you are, mostly. In “The Removers” by Andrew Meredith, cleaning up was ultimately a method of coping.The body had been there awhile.On his second run for the funer...

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A Novel Approach

In the circle that is life, it is often difficult to imagine what would happen if our path diverged. While some of us remain fearful of the unknown, there exist others who embrace the difference. In author, Bruce Weber’s latest work, “Life Is a Wheel: Love, Death, Etc. and a Bike Ride Across America,” readers meet a man well into his mid-life, accepting the challenge ahead.

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Retirement in site for ‘The Expendables’?

What is it about “The Expendables” series?What mad sorcery is at play in these films? Because they’re not good. They’re not even ‘so bad they’re good’. They’re just bad. Bad in a very mediocre, direct-to VHS, instantly forgettable way. And yet, I love “The Expendables” series. I love every minute of these overlong, terrible movies.Why?I don’t know. Is it because you get to see all of your favori...

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