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Six years in and Scranton’s Silhouette Lies is still going strong

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Scranton’s Silhouette Lies started as three guys armed with acoustic guitars and other people’s songs. Nick Van Wagenen, Raf Pimentel and Eric Manley got together in March 2010 and played, as Van Wagenen put it, “the ‘Wonderwalls’ and ‘Good Riddances’ of the world that everybody does.” Van Wagenen and childhood friends/guitarists Pimentel and Manley found chemistry on-stage — then they found drummer Dave Frable (as for 2015, Shiny Montini sits behind their kit) and bassist Nick Savinelli. By summer 2010’s end, Silhouette Lies had emerged from the cover scene out into the sunlight.

“I believe our first show was in August and at that point we already had two originals, so we started writing our own stuff pretty much right off the bat,” Van Wagenen said. “Raf already had a couple ideas for songs going in, so as soon as we started hanging out together we started writing some stuff.”

That “stuff” found its way onto a five-song self-titled EP released in 2010 that drew on the band’s common influences: Rise Against, AFI, Deftones and Thrice (their name is pulled from Thrice’s song “Silhouette,” off the band’s seminal 2003 album “The Artist and the Ambulance”). Since then they’ve been fairly silent as far as new material goes, but Van Wagenen said they have new songs loaded into the chamber — they’re just waiting to get into the studio and fire them off.

“I still love all those songs that are on the EP and we’re all really proud of those songs, but now after being a band for six years and growing together we’ve figured out what works for us and what doesn’t,” Van Wagenen said. “I think it still has the same sound, there’s a couple tracks that are really, really heavy and a couple tracks that might as well just be me and an acoustic guitar, but everything just, all the way around, feels a little bit more refined and a little bit more professional.”

The professional feeling may stem from sharing the stage with the same core group of musicians for the past six years. Van Wagenen said they “lay it out there” every time they’re on stage, and that will be on display when Silhouette Lies performs Sept. 17 at The V Spot in Scranton and Sept. 24 as part of Hallowfest II in Nay Aug Park.

“We kind of just go balls-to-the-wall. When we’re all up on stage together I really feel like we’re performing in front of 500 people every night, even when it’s five people,” Van Wagenen said. “I feel like it appeals to everybody from pop fans to metal fans.”

To find out if Silhouette Lies appeals to you, check out one of their live shows, visit or search for their self-titled EP on Spotify. photo photo
The band is scheduled to play hometown shows at The V Spot and Nay Aug Park

By Gene Axton

[email protected]

Reach Gene Axton at 570-991-6121 or on Twitter @TLArts

Reach Gene Axton at 570-991-6121 or on Twitter @TLArts