QUICK CHORD: the most beautiful images, Space Cadette, and Sexdoll

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the most beautiful images

Allentown, Pa.

Sounds like: Delicate acoustic bedroom pop. Their songs are about being afraid, stupid, or girls and heavily influenced by Paul Baribeau and Daniel Johnston

Fun fact: Someone said The Most Beautiful Images’s vocalist Jordan’s “voice was like audible chocolate.”

Find them: themostbeautifulimages.bandcamp.com/releases,


Space Cadette

Nyack, N.Y.

Sounds like: Alternative and Emo

Fun fact: The band has been together since 8th grade and now all of the members are in 11th grade.

Find them: spacecadette.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @spacecadetteny

facebook.com/SpaceCadetteNY, Instagram: @spacecadetteband



Allentown, Pa.

Sounds like: Hardcore — Their sound is influenced by late 90’s hardcore, gathering and Catharsis and they are lyrically influenced by bands like Gathering, Weak Wrists, La Luna, and Orchid.

Fun fact: All of the members of Sexdoll are currently in other bands as well such as Bad American, nNarrow Lover, RAW, and Girl Crue

Find them: facebook.com/pages/Sexdoll/1531003970482716