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RAW Dialogue 11/11/15: The tournament begins! The Gorgeous One debuts! The Irish One carries a briefcase around!

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    Opening Segment

    Solid mic work from Triple H and Roman Reigns. Reigns turning down Triple H’s authority to be his “man” was a direct jab at the fan notion that Reigns is the “chosen one.” It worked — the crowd was solidly behind Reigns, and he looked comfortable behind the mic.

    Championship Tournament Match: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

    Why? Just why?

    Reigns has wrestled Big Show countless times, and this match was a replay of their forgettable history — Reigns gets beat down, comes back and wins.

    Reigns deserves better. His booking has been great, but stupid matches with Big Show won’t help him grow.

    Winner: Roman Reigns

    Championship Tournament Match: Kevin Owens vs. Titus O’Neil

    I’m not sure if this is his first singles match on RAW after the failed post-Prime Time Players push, but he made a case for himself with a solid performance against Owens. He didn’t advance, but a loss in a good match is just as valuable as a win.

    Winner: Kevin Owens

    Paige vs. Becky Lynch

    Paige is the No. 1 Contender. She lost. That’s OK. Becky Lynch and Paige put on a stellar match that helped legitimize Lynch’s spot on the roster and make Paige look dangerous via Post-Match Antics Time.

    Winner: Becky Lynch

    Championship Tournament Match: The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

    This was a Dolph Ziggler match through and through. The Showoff took his licks and battled back for a win, advancing to the next round of the tournament. This match brought up a good question: What’s a good use for The Miz? Other midcarders have found their feuds and alliances and, for the most part, have something to do. Then there’s The Miz. The guy is an accomplished veteran who quietly rose to the top of the company during one if its most creatively dull periods. He’s headlined Wrestlemania and won. Ziggler and Breeze mesh perfectly—find Miz’s Breeze.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio

    I’ve given up on this alliance. It makes no sense, they can’t legitimizing their reasoning behind it and they’re having trouble getting anyone else to care. Bring back Ricardo Rodriguez.

    Naomi vs. Natalya

    The women’s match earlier in the show was great. This one was not. The talent in the ring was squandered away in favor of an odd rollup ending. Post-Match Antics Time saw Natalya continue to be the punching bag of the Diva’s Revolution. I agree Manchester: Sasha is good at wrestling and it would be good to see her wrestle.

    Winner: Natalya

    Championship Tournament Match: Sheamus w/ King Barrett vs. Cesaro

    I keep saying that the Sheamus/King Barrett alliance doesn’t make sense, but Monday night may have proven me wrong. The WWE’s booking says Cesaro doesn’t have what it takes to break out of the midcard, but the Manchester crowd and the Swiss Superman’s suberb showing may have proven them wrong. Again.

    Sheamus put on his wrasslin’ boots and turned in a great performance with Cesaro, while Barrett was slapped on the outside by Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney (the equivalent of LeBron James slapping a wrestler in Cleveland). Cesaro picked up the win and the award for Loudest Fans in England.

    Winner: Cesaro

    Championship Tournament Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Dean Ambrose

    The Sultan of Selfies has arrived! And he lost! It makes sense. Here’s why.

    With Ziggler involved in a match he had to win, it wouldn’t make sense for Breeze to interfere yet somehow fail at costing him the win. Breeze shouldn’t disappear from RAW completely, so he was included in a tournament match. Ambrose has to go deep into this thing for a myriad of reasons (suspense from possible heel turn on Reigns, consistent worker), so he had to win. Now, with Ziggler and Ambrose moving on to round two, Breeze can interfere and cost either man the win and it would make sense. This is good booking and Breeze would work well in a program with either superstar.

    Winner: Dean Ambrose

    The Usos and Neville vs. The New Day

    It’s great to see the Usos back, even if they didn’t get much in the way of offense during the bout. The England crowd was firmly behind The New Day, and that was apparent with the reaction that Xavier Woods got when he picked up the trombone.

    Another dirty, predictable finish for The New Day. I get they’re a heel team, but can’t we get a little more out of the writers?

    Winners: The New Day

    Wyatt Family pay respects to Brothers of Destruction

    This is how you end RAW.

    Bray Wyatt was an absolute master on the mic, and his intensity is at an all-time high.

    Well, it was, up until Undertaker and Kane came in to clean house.

    I feel like this feud is the most interesting thing WWE has going for it. They have a prime opportunity to solidify the Wyatt Family as the new supernatural thing in the WWE. Undertaker and Kane had a lengthy run, and now is the prime opportunity to pass the torch onto young workers who will carry the business into the future.

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    By Travis Kellar and Gene Axton

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