By Melissa Hughes - For Weekender

Let’s get real: First date, get to know each other. Second date, create a joint Facebook page?

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Dear Melissa,

My boyfriend and I have been dating a few months and he recently asked me if I could make my Facebook a “joint account” so that it displays both of our names and he has unlimited access to it. I have already given him my username and password because I have nothing to hide from him, but I feel like this is really odd behavior that makes me uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do.

In the Joint

Dear Conjoined,

If you are uncomfortable with this idea, you need to let him know that his request is completely disrespectful and unacceptable. You are two different people with different lives, friends and opinions. If you already gave him your password (which I wouldn’t have even done) you already are showing him you have nothing to hide and he should trust you. He sounds possessive and this is a pretty big red flag to get out. You are only a couple of months in and he is pulling this kind of nonsense, get out now before it escalates.


By Melissa Hughes

For Weekender

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