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Let’s get real: My fiance is a ‘work husband’

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Dear Melissa,

My fiancé works in an office full of women and on Fridays they usually go to happy hour for a drink after work. There are about 15 women and two guys and they only stay for one drink. It never bothered me before because I trust him. There is one girl in the group who refers to him as her “work husband” they have gotten close and have become friends. She knows I am in the picture and I have even met her a handful of times. Recently, I found out that one of these after work drink sessions was just the two of them and I didn’t find that out from him. He came home that night and acted as if it was the whole group like normal. A friend that saw them told me that it was just those two. I brought that up to him and he got really defensive and acted like I was out of line for bringing it up. I have always trusted him and now I am making myself paranoid. What do I do?


Dear Unsure,

I think the fact he was so angry that you brought it up is a red flag. How would he feel if you acquired yourself a work husband and had private drink sessions and then lied about it? A relationship’s foundation should be built on trust. If he has nothing to hide then he wouldn’t have gotten angry. Tread lightly and ask questions, it is your right. If he is engaged to you and she knows about it and doesn’t care, it really goes to show her character. She is really breaking girl code on this one and it needs to stop. You deserve the best and you deserve someone that is going to be faithful and honest and if he is not going to be that person, you need to tell him his options because what he is doing to you isn’t fair. Good luck!


By Melissa Hughes

For Weekender

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