MAKEUP RULES: Splash-proof eyes

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First Posted: 7/15/2013

Makeup Rules: The Real King Bob (Bobby Walsh)

You’re sitting by the pool and all of a sudden someone does a cannon ball into the water and splashes you. You are having a nice lunch outside when it begins to pour and you didn’t bring an umbrella. You become an innocent bystander trapped in the middle of a water balloon fight, or you are just simply enjoying your pool and hot tub ever so carefully trying not to go under the water. All of these scenarios will probably happen to you at some point this summer, and I’ll help you get prepared to take on all of these tasks wide-eyed and waterproofed. Nothing can stand in the way of these perfect treatments to keep your eye makeup smudge-free this summer!

The first treatment that I found to be a great help with waterproofing your eyes and giving them that natural, no-makeup definition perfect for diving right into the pool is eyelash perming and tinting. When you perm the eyelashes it helps open up the eye, and then newly curled lashes will give you that flirty, natural, smoked definition to any makeup look.

The perming process is safe, fairly quick, and definitely painless. Customized soft rods hold the lashes in place as a gel solution is applied and, after a few minutes, wiped off, followed by the removal of the rods – voila, you’re finished!

Eyelash tinting will help add a deeper color to less visible, lighter colored lashes; you can choose from blue black, black, dark brown, brown and auburn. Tinting guarantees full color coverage from root to tip, making the lashes appear longer and darkening them to give you a natural definition along your lash line, as if you had a slight amount of liner on. Eyelash perming and tinting will last a good 4 to 6 weeks or until you fully replace your lashes naturally. Mine lasted me close to two-and-a-half months or so. I really enjoyed it since my lashes tend to point downward; it helped to open my eye up significantly. Locally, I know The Sapphire Salon & Spa ( offers these particular services for a combined total of $47 at around and hour of your time at the longest.

The other new and amazing service for waterproofing your lashes for a makeup-free, no-mess summer eye is semi-permanent mascara. A special quick-drying mascara formula is applied to your curled lashes ever so carefully, making sure each lash is separated, and a drying tool is also given to help speed up the process. Once your top is done they move to the bottom, then back to the top, guaranteeing sufficient lash coverage. This mascara formula, unlike the perming and tinting, will give you significant length and beautiful volume. This mascara will last 10 day to 3 weeks; I just suggest to research a little and make sure you aren’t using too many oil-based products around your eyes that will prevent the mascaras true longevity. Permanent mascara can also be found at The Sapphire for around $28, also a great alternative to the four-day lash stain I used to use from Tarte, since it has been discontinued.

Tip: Run your lash curler under hot water or lightly warm up the curler with a blow dryer before curling your lashes for extra longer lasting curl.

Trick: For additional daily definition with eyelash perming and tinting use a clear mascara, so if it runs you won’t have a mess under your eyes.