GIRL TALK: Three’s a crowd

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First Posted: 9/2/2013

When a couple starts getting serious, one of the primary needs that should be focused on is having quality time together. It is a time of building connections, getting to know each other, having relations in every room of the house, and cuddly, snuggle time. What happens if during the high point of those blissful honeymoon days a roommate moves in? How do you share the space, make the moves, and keep the sizzle hot without getting caught scampering nude from the bedroom to the bathroom?

It is never something I had ever been confronted with until recently. My boyfriend was tossing around the idea of saving on money by bringing in a roommate to his apartment. I was so against the idea of having someone invade the love nest that it caused an actual fight. I had gotten so comfortable with the idea of sweatpants, no makeup, and a scrunchie that the thought of having to put on the dog and pony princess show for a third party was actually sickening to me.

What will happen to loud physical encounters and random household hook-ups wherever and whenever? These are things I had become very accustomed to. I am all about saving money, but I don’t share well with others, whether it’s my boyfriend, my space, or my French fries.

There are so many pros and cons to the situation that I really had to have a heart to heart with my man candy about it. I know in the long run it would be a huge help for him, but I am horribly selfish… and selfish always wins.

Maybe I am irrational, maybe I am stubborn, and maybe I am slightly immature about it all, but I admit to being a control freak about just about every situation life throws at me. I can’t control a third party walking in his underwear through the house eating cold pizza at 3 a.m. I can’t control listening to someone else’s bad taste in music as it is blasted through the walls while he plays air guitar and Xbox. And lastly, I can’t control myself, loud and proud and sometimes less than ladylike.

Perhaps this is why I live alone. My cat doesn’t seem to mind midnight strolls in my underwear to grab a juice box from the fridge. I could leave laundry out on the floor or skip the dishes for a day or two or three. I will forever be a believer in the old adage, “Two is company, and three is a crowd,” and I still vote no on the roommate ballot.