Q&A with “Mamma Mia” star Chelsea Williams

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First Posted: 10/17/2014

When the Tony Award winning Broadway musical “Mamma Mia” — set to the tone of Abba’s music catalog — arrives in NEPA at the Scranton Cultural Center on Friday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 26, audience goers will be introduced to Sophie, a 20-year old girl about to get married. Desperate for her father to be part of her wedding, Sophie invites three men her mother wrote about in a diary who could possibly be her dad — without telling her mother.

Cue the crazy.

Cue the comedy.

With the excitement of the upcoming arrival of “Mamma Mia”, Weekender caught up with the show’s star, Chelsea Williams.

Q: Since you’re traveling around the country touring this show, what is one thing you like to do in each area?

A: Food. I love being able to explore and find local restaurants and things like that. Me and the rest of the cast like to find businesses and restaurants that only exist within the places we visit. I’m a big sushi lover and I have definitely encountered some not so good sushi. I was just in Illinois and learned when you’re right in the middle of the country, maybe that’s not the best place to find sushi.

Q: ‘Mamma Mia’ has been running on Broadway for over a decade and it is still going strong. Why do you feel this story has resonated with audiences so well over the years?

A: The story is so lighthearted and nice for people to experience, but it is really the music that has resonated with people. Abba is sort of this timeless pop band that everyone seems to love no matter what age you are.

Q: Very talented actresses have taken on the role of Sophie, including Amanda Seyfried. What do you bring to the role that has not yet been brought to the role?

A: The producers let me keep my nose ring, so I bring some edge to Sophie that hasn’t been seen before.

Q: What would you do if you were in your characters shoes, faced with the possibility of three different men being your father?

A: I would probably be a little more straightforward. I think Sophie kind of has this good scheme in mind that may or may not work and that the process of her plan seems exciting to her. I would probably be more upfront and meet up with all of them individually instead of inviting them to my wedding all at the same time.

Q: So many people have already seen this show or watched the movie. Why should people who have already seen “Mamma Mia” attend the performance coming to Scranton?

A: The tag line in New York says ‘You already know you’re going to love it’. That may sound presumptuous, but you are really guaranteed a good time because the music is so infectious.

Q: Does Broadway get any crazy fans or groupies?

A: We definitely have some screaming fans who are super generous and send us flowers and food backstage. We have been lucky enough to encounter really nice people. There’s plenty of time left, though. We’re touring until July, 2015. Let’s see what Scranton has to offer in terms of crazy fans. I welcome it. I do the show eight times a week and need to keep it interesting. Bring it on, Scranton.