Expect big things from Skip Monday — eventually

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First Posted: 5/11/2015

Indie acoustic pop duo Skip Monday has only been together since January, but they’re making more noise in the local music scene than veterans who have been around for years — and all before their 21st birthdays. Singer/songwriter Kaylin Karr, a native of Alaska, and drummer Nathan Montella of Clarks Summit, have been booked every Friday and Saturday since February; a streak that continues every weekend through August. They’re blogged about and talked about by everyone who knows anything about music in the area; referred to as hard-workers with “catchy songs.” The 20-year-olds were even voted runner-up for best original band at this year’s Weekender Readers’ Choice Awards.

“This is our career,” Montella said. “We’re doing it for fun, but we want it to be our life.”

Montella said by the time the duo met at Duffy’s Coffee House in Clarks Summit, both had trouble finding music partners who were as serious as one another. He said they instantly became best friends and music partners; hoping to take over the world and make a name for each other and themselves.

With the recent release of their five-track EP “Wildfire,” it was time to figure out if they were just another band that every “music expert” with access to a blog or a column raves about in hopes of riding the coattails of the band’s followers. Or, are they really talented?

I listened to “Wildfire” without ever meeting the group in person to give you an honest review with no agenda.

At first look of Skip Monday on the cover of their EP, I instantly noticed the duo was very attractive. They’re definitely the best looking line-up in Northeastern Pennsylvania. They found a phenomenal photographer, which already sets them apart from many other local musicians.

Since Skip Monday had their own artwork, I was already impressed before I listened to their music. The only bad part about the picture, though, was that Karr’s dress made the cover look a little bit like a Prom Excitement commercial.

After listening to the five songs: “Wildfire,” “Until You’re Kissing Me (Up Against a Wall), “Can’t Not Think of You,” “Give Me Love,” and Cliche,” I have to say the world can expect big things from Skip Monday — eventually.

The EP kicked off with “Wildfire,” a song that I repeated three times because it was so good. Definitely the best song on the album. “Until You’re Kissing Me (Up Against a Wall)” kept the momentum going, but the three remaining songs bored me. They weren’t bad they just didn’t stand out. They had the same tone. Depressing. They weren’t catchy at all. I think they could have done a better job balancing the tone of the track list by including one upbeat song. They need that one catchy song that you could sing along to and imagine hearing on KRZ.

On a more positive note, Karr is one of the most talented female vocalist in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The area is infused with an abundance of talent but Karr is the vocalist people should take notes from.

Keeping in mind that they just came together five months ago, “Wildfire” is impressive — but with room to grow. In time, they’ll reach their potential. I look forward to following them.

“Wildfire” is now available on iTunes.