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First Posted: 4/28/2015

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Here’s what Weekender staff is up to this weekend:

Sarah: “Getting into some trouble with a college friend, former teammate and partner in crime. Watch out NEPA.”

Jeric: “Enjoying some fun, food, and fantasy at Knoebels Amusement Resort!”

Sam: “I am realizing I am getting old because last weekend I attended a wedding and this weekend I have a baby shower in Ohio. What happened to going out and getting drunk?”

Justin: “A fraternity brother told me that all the cool stuff I do in life will be creepy when I turn 30. Now that I just turned 29, I plan on getting a spray tan and fist-pumping at Kildare’s before it’s considered creepy.’”

Matt: “Hibernating for the summer.”

Héctor: “I lost a bet to my brother, so now I have to dress like Dora the Explorer for his girlfriend’s daughter’s birthday party. Repeat after me kids: ‘¡mi hermano me cogió de pendejo!’”

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