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First Posted: 2/16/2015

When you’re out to eat, tipping your server is a social expectation.

A four-minute video on CollegeHumor.com titled “Why Tipping Should Be Banned” claims tipping is a system that shortchanges servers, inconveniences customers and makes the dining experience worse.

The video futher went on to explain the history of tipping.

According to the video, tipping was once considered an undemocratic form of bribery. Once prohibition banned alcohol, restaurant profits plummeted and owners began to encourage tipping so they could pay their servers less.

College Humor even used scientific data to discredit the need for tipping, citing a Cornell University study that revealed customers who experience great service tip an average of only one-percent more than customers who don’t.

Should tipping be banned?

We asked our readers.

This is what they said:

Kyle Goyne, Hanover Township: I think it should be the restaurant’s responsibility because servers don’t always get paid what they should just by tips. The economy isn’t doing that great and people are cheap.

Ashley Zona, Dunmore: Customers should be responsible for tipping servers. People need to understand a server’s job is to service the customer. They work more for the customer than they do the restaurant.

Brandon Rosler, Jermyn: The restaurant owner, because the server is employed by either the owner or company itself. Therefore, it’s their responsibility to take care of all and any wages owed to the server. The customer is only responsible for the tips that the server deserves.

Violet White, Wilkes-Barre: I went to an Applebee’s a few years ago and when I was walking to the bathroom I overheard my waitress complaining that she was stuck with a group of young girls because we weren’t going to tip. She even said she wasn’t going to refill our drinks because she assumed we wouldn’t tip her. Now every time I so much as drive by an Applebee’s, I cringe. If Applebee’s paid their servers more than two dollars an hour, she probably would have been nice to me and, like, I’d would still eat at Applebee’s.

Noelle Leo, Wilkes-Barre: I have no problem tipping a server, but I do have a problem with a business getting away with paying someone only $2.83 an hour in the year 2015. That’s just insane to me.